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​Healthmix is proud to be Australia​'s smartest health community. It is your one stop platform to access not only world class listings and services but also a hub for the sharing of information and knowledge.
​Boasting Australia's fastest growing database of health care professionals. HealthMix was born as a free directory of Australian businesses who together provide 360 degree information on health, fun facts and up to date advice. 
In the dark days before HealthMix shone a light into the health community, often searching for relevant information and advice was difficult and access to great health practitioners was hidden behind corporate giants and paid advertisements. This distorted content had made pure information hard to find. We have changed all this with honest listings and advert free content helping you find what you needed locally or navigate directly for the resources you are looking for.
The HealthMix editorial team brings up to date content that reflects reliable research, evidence and some fun and fresh articles. While HealthMix is not responsible for the content of external websites and the views expressed on these sites we do appreciate your feedback if you find something that does not agree with you.

​We don’t claim to be everything to everyone but we will do our best to be all we can be. We will continue to brain storm new ideas and create the future of accessible health and knowledge in this country.
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