Using Affirmations To Combat Anxiety

Positive affirmations can be a powerful tool to help you combat anxiety, stress and negative emotions.

Anxiety is the general term for a number of disorders that can cause fear, apprehension, worrying, nervousness, and even uncomfortable physical symptoms like shortness of breath or nausea. Most of us have felt anxious at one time or another, anxiety is a part of life but even mild anxiety can be unsettling. Severe anxiety can be incredibly debilitating and have serious negative consequences for one’s daily life.

Anxiety is frequently triggered by stress. The stress may be an important deadline at work, financial concerns or even something pleasant but new like the birth of your first child. Many of us experience a general state of worry or fear before confronting something demanding or difficult such as public speaking, an important examination, recital, or even job interview. Feeling apprehensive or worried about something like this is considered normal.

We can also create anxiety for ourselves with negative self-talk. Self talk is our internal "voice" that weighs in on nearly everything we perceive. Sometimes this inner voice is neutral, just assessing things. Sometimes out inner voice is reassuring or positive or even congratulatory. Other times, this voice becomes critical and that is negative self talk. Negative self talk can take the form of self-limiting statements like, “I’m fat and I have no self-control” or “I’m never going to get that promotion, I don’t even know why I try.” This kind of negative inner voice can create a self fulfilling prophecy because our brain gets mired in defeat and stops considering solutions. Sometimes our negative self talk isn’t even really ours but the absorbed thoughts and expectations of parents, partners, employers or friends.

Some people are more vulnerable than others to anxiety, but even those of us more prone to worry can learn some tools to manage anxiety. Since negative self talk is such a big part of anxiety, countering it with positive self talk is just the antidote to all those should, shouldn’ts and other negative things that pop into your head uninvited. Anxiety affirmations are powerful tools to help you overcome fear replace negative thoughts with something more empowering and stress relieving.

Affirmations are positive thoughts that you invite in to help calm you down and replace old negative thought patterns.

Affirmations are personal things that you need to tailor to your specific negative thought patterns but for those of us who struggle with anxiety, these can be a starting point to help you develop your own. Once you have found the affirmations that feel right for you, keep a list with you and when you feel the pressure building or even perhaps just have a few extra minutes, read through them.

Affirmations for Anxiety

I am cool, calm and collected.

Every breath I inhale relaxes me and every breath I exhale removes tension.

I love and accept myself unconditionally and without reservation.

I have the inner ability to solve life’s problems or seek out help where I cannot.

I am safe and all is well in the world.

With every breath, I breath out anxiety and breath in a feeling of calmness.

I look forward to the future with hope and happiness.I can tackle the challenges I will face in my life.

I acknowledge change is a part of life and I am prepared for it.

I am free of anxiety.I am always safe and capable of guiding myself to solutions.

I allow change into my life and trust that it will be good.

I trust myself, my inner voice to know what I want, feel and need.

Fear is only a feeling that I can manage and move forward from.

I am always safe and protected.

With a solid plan and a belief in myself I can accomplish the things I want to.

I grow in strength with every forward step I take.

I know that I can master anything if I do it enough times.

Today I am willing to fail in order to succeed.

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